What is B12 Vitamin Deficiency?

Vitamin B12 is vital to the human body as it functions as a natural way to improve DNA production, brain functionality, and much more. People are recommended to ingest at least 6 micrograms of Vitamin B12 per day (according to The Reference Daily Intake). In the United States, almost 50%  of the population is B12 deficient. This deficiency is extremely prevalent in those with a vegan/ vegetarian diet as most of the nutrients come from food such as meat, fish, eggs, and other animal-based foods. The lack of the B12 vitamin can result in many different health complications ranging from sleep pattern abnormalities to psychological troubles. One upcoming strategy found useful for the treatment of this deficiency is B12 injections, as it can replenish the source of B12 in the body while also providing other benefits. 

The Benefits of a B12 Injection

Improves Sleep Patterns

  • The presence of B12 in the body can help with sleep patterns and the circadian rhythm. This means that getting a B12 injection can not only help with the duration of sleep but also the depth of sleep. 

Increases Energy

  • B12 not only helps with sleep but also energy carried throughout the day. Those with a B12 deficiency are known to have a lot of fatigue and drowsiness throughout the day. A B12 shot can help red blood cells transfer oxygen more efficiently throughout the body, therefore providing more energy to your cells. 

Helps With Metabolism, and Therefore Weight Loss

  • When there is a lack of B12 in the system, the metabolism in the body suffers due to low energy production. Metabolism is the biggest factor of weight loss because it determines how many calories are being burned in the body. This increase in B12, therefore, helps with weight loss and provides for a more optimal metabolism overall. 

B12 injection and weight loss

Supports Bone Health 

  • When there are low B12 levels in the blood, it is known to lead to weaker bones and reduced bone mass. This increased fragility in the bones can lead to Osteoporosis and other complicated bone-related health issues. Therefore, getting a B12 injection helps prevent issues in the future while also improving bone health now.

Strengthens Immune System

  • The presence of B12 in the blood is vital to the immune system. Vitamin B12 decreases the risk of contracting diseases and helps fight against pathogens and viruses within the body. The increased ability to fight off infections is a key reason to consider a B12 shot.

Prevents Hair Loss

  • If cell metabolism is slowed, it becomes difficult for the hair follicles to produce more hair, which leads to hair loss. As explained above, the B12 vitamin is a critical factor in terms of metabolism, meaning that B12 injections prevent hair loss. If these B12 injections are regular they can even help grow more hair than before!

Helps with Depression and Mental Health

  • B12 also helps with metabolizing the production of serotonin, resulting in a better mental state, or mood. The research on this topic is not sufficient enough to directly correlate the B12 vitamin and depression, but studies have shown that the increase in B12 can help prevent depression and ease its symptoms.

Increases Red Blood Cell Development

  • Decreased B12 levels result in slowed red blood cell production and even hinder the proper development of these cells. B12 not only helps produce the cells but also speeds up the traveling of these cells throughout the body. This also shows that B12 can help prevent anemia, a key cause for fatigue and weakness.

Why an Injection?

Though ingesting the B12 vitamin through a pill may be an option for some, the injection method has been proven to be much faster and more effective when looking at the results. B12 shots are injected in the muscle and IV drips directly enter the bloodstream meaning that they are distributing B12 faster throughout the body, giving maximum results. Lastly, the injections often have methylcobalamin (NOT cyanocobalamin found in pills) which result in more drastic effects and help prevent more issues in the body. Another option that has become prevalent are IV hydrations in which doctors can add the B12 vitamin directly to the blood. This specific method may provide even faster results than both the pills and the shots. Certain medical conditions require the injected B12 vitamin as the pills would not be enough to help, so consulting a doctor on which choice is right for you is ideal.

B12 injections have many hidden benefits that are not widely known, but as these impacts are being spread, the B12 injections have become increasingly popular in the medical field. This method of supplementing the body with necessary vitamins will help everyone with an increased quality of life in the future, and therefore make a huge difference in medicine.