Are you planning a fun, memorable vacation with family or friends? Do you need fast, hassle free Covid-19 test results?

Here at Premium Health we can provide you with Covid-19 testing for domestic and international travel. According to CDC 66.4% of the American population are fully vaccinated as of May 16, 2022. Many travel options still require proof of vaccination and/or a negative Covid-19 test result. Whether it is travel by air or a cruise, make sure to always check with your airline or cruise line and destination to learn about any special testing requirements. 

If you have been exposed to Covid-19, have any symptoms, or are awaiting Covid-19 test results, avoid traveling until you have a negative test result. It is essential to always take precautions that will help keep our community safe from Covid-19. 

Should I get tested for traveling by cruise?

While you should ensure that you are up-to-date with your Covid-19 vaccinations, CDC states that individuals who are up to date with their Covid-19 vaccines, should get tested for Covid-19 no later than 3 days prior to travel and as close to the time of departure as possible. While those who are fully vaccinated (2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine) must get tested with a viral test no sooner than 2 days prior to departure. However, if one is not fully vaccinated for Covid-19, they must have a Covid-19 test done no more than 3 days before traveling with a cruise ship, in addition to getting tested a second time by the cruise personnel on the day of travel, prior to boarding. It is important to check your cruise ship’s color and vaccination status to stay updated on any specific travel requirements. 

When should I get tested before traveling domestically?

It is best to get tested as close to departure time as possible, every airline/ destination will have different time frames for getting tested so it is important to pay attention to the specific requirements. According to the CDC, you must get tested no later than 3 days prior to the day of departure. 

How about being tested prior to traveling internationally?

Whilst ensuring that you are up to date with your Covid-19 vaccinations, you must check with your transportation (airline, cruise line, etc.) and the destination to learn about their specific requirements for travel. Make sure you check the current state of your destination to learn about the situation and conditions regarding Covid-19. CDC states that individuals who are planning for international travel, should prepare in advance and consider getting tested no more than 3 days prior to departure.

Why is it important to get tested prior to any form of travel?

It is essential to protect yourself and others from possible exposure to Covid-19. Individuals exposed to the virus, regardless of their vaccination status, may be asymptomatic, but infectious. Thus, performing preventative safety measures such as temperature checks is not very effective in the matter of detecting individuals who are infected with Covid-19. “More than 60% of confirmed COVID-19 cases among people under 20 were asymptomatic; nearly 50% in people 20 to 39; about 32% in people 40 to 59, and about 33% in those over 60.” said Adrianna Rodriguez from USA Today. Evidently, a great percentage of infected individuals tend to be asymptomatic and would not be detected unless tested for Covid-19.

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Premium Health is pleased to provide patients with Covid-19 testing options to make fighting the pandemic easier. While making an appointment with Premium Health, patients may explore the various types of Covid-19 tests that we offer, in addition to locating the most convenient testing site. If you still have questions regarding testing for travel, please contact your airline, cruise line, bus and destination of travel.