New Approach to Health and Wellness
Premium Health is a full-service medical clinic designed to provide the healthcare you deserve. 



How Premium Health is Different

Experience a new model of health care

Easy access to medical care, expedited appointments, integration of cutting-edge communication technology, and no wait times.
Fairly priced membership plans that deliver high-quality medical care, without the cost of insurance, co-pays, or deductibles. 
Time-rich appointments with physicians that are eager to understand your medical needs and devise an effective plan tailored to achieve best outcomes.
Highly discounted medications, labs, imaging, and supplements that reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while providing concierge-level services.
Committed team of medical professionals that have the experience, time and resources to provide the personalized medical care you need.
Partnership with dedicated coaches that proactively monitor your well-being to help improve your lifestyle, physical fitness, and accomplish your goals.
Up-to-date education and resources delivered to enhance your understanding of your health status, and how to embark on your journey to better health. 
Affectionate care that one only expects from family members, because love and compassion for others is at the foundation of Premium Health.

Healthier Employees, Thriving Companies.

Create a healthier, happier workplace by providing flexible, cost-effective, and premium quality medical care to your team.

Offer a healthcare benefit your team will appreciate


Increase Productivity

Our expedited and preventative care reduces time away from work due to sick days and enhances the overall health of your team.


Drive Down Costs

Our fixed and transparent cost model, significantly reduces the out-of-pocket costs of your employees, while at the same time providing employers a more affordable health care solution.


Improve Job Satisfaction

Providing a comprehensive patient-centered health care solution and ease of access to medical services fosters a higher level of job satisfaction and loyalty among your personnel.

Discounted Medication Delivered to Your Door 

Save hundreds of dollars on prescription costs
  Skip the trip to the pharmacy

Premium Health

Other Practices

Premium Health
Other Practices
In-home, office and virtual visits
Same or next-day appointments
Extended, comprehensive, unrushed visitsYesNo
24/7 connected careYesNo
Wellness and nutrition coaching YesUnlikelyUnlikely
Highly discounted medication and labs

Experience a higher level of care

What Our Members Had to Say

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