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Reverse fatigue, boost metabolism, increase energy, reduce stress.




Maximize wellness, energy, antioxidant effect with comprehensive IV.




Rejuvenate body, skin, hair, nails; combat aging.




Boost and protect immune system for faster recovery.




Recover from food poisoning symptoms and effects fast.




Elevate immunity, energy, mood; reduce stress.




Target fat, enhance metabolism and body function.




Rehydrate, restore vitamins, overcome hangover symptoms fast.




Relieve headache, nausea, dehydration, fatigue, light sensitivity.




Relieve fatigue, stress, dehydration, and boost energy.




Decrease pain, soothe muscles, increase strength, endurance.




Hydrate quickly, feel revitalized, enhance energy, concentration.



Add any of our vitamins, antioxidants or minerals to your IV or injection therapy

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin, is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including hair, nail, beauty metabolism, and cell repair.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant naturally produced by the body. It has gained significant attention for its potential benefits in promoting healthy skin, anti-aging effects, and even as a preventative measure against cancer.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well-known for its potent antioxidant properties, which contribute to its positive impact on skin health, immune function, and overall well-being.


NAD+ plays a vital role in various cellular processes, including energy metabolism, DNA repair, and maintaining cellular health. In recent years, NAD+ has garnered attention for its potential anti-aging properties and its implications for longevity.


Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a vital role in various physiological processes, including muscle function, energy production, and antioxidant activity.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a naturally occurring compound found in the body that plays a crucial role in energy production within cells.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant that has gained attention for its potential health benefits. It plays a vital role in cellular energy production and acts as a potent scavenger of free radicals, helping to protect cells from oxidative damage.


Toradol also known as ketorolac, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is commonly used for its analgesic properties in providing pain relief.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in calming effects on the nervous system. Adequate magnesium levels are associated with promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep quality.


L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative that plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, particularly in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria for energy production.


Biotin also known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy hair, nails, and skin.


Pepcid it is commonly used to provide relief from heartburn, a common symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and acid indigestion.


MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) or Lipo-C is a popular combination of lipotropic compounds often used in medical weight loss and wellness programs.


Decadron, also known by its generic name dexamethasone, is a potent corticosteroid medication commonly used for its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties. It works by suppressing the immune system and reducing inflammation.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex is a group of essential nutrients that includes B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folate), and B12 (cobalamin). These vitamins play vital roles in energy metabolism and overall well-being.


also known by its generic name ondansetron, is a medication primarily used for its anti-nausea properties.


is a specialized intravenous (IV) formulation that contains a combination of three essential amino acids, these amino acids have gained popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts for their potential benefits in muscle repair and recovery.

Vitamin D

often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” is a crucial nutrient that plays a significant role in bone health, immune function, and overall well-being.


Dexamethasone is a potent corticosteroid medication widely used for its anti-inflammatory properties. It acts by suppressing pro-inflammatory mediators, such as cytokines and chemokines, thereby reducing inflammation.


Zinc is an essential mineral involved in numerous physiological processes, including immune function, wound healing, and DNA synthesis.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxine, is an essential vitamin that has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to improving mood and promoting brain health.

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NAD+ Infusion Therapy

NAD+ can improve energy levels and decelerate aging by preventing endogenous DNA damage and improving DNA repair capacity.

NAD+ can boost cellular energy, mood and reduce feelings of fatigue.

NAD+ therapy enhances cognitive function by supporting healthy brain function and improving neural signaling while protecting the neurons.

NAD+ exerts significant anti-inflammatory properties while increasing the expression of macrophages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Premium Health IV Therapy service work?

The IV Therapy program is a concierge, on-demand, mobile IV and nutritional clinic serving the orange county cities. Our qualified and licensed professionals administer custom IV treatments in the comfort of your home, office, or preferred location.

Do I need to come to your clinic to receive my IV Therapy therapy?

No. Our licensed and trained professional team members will visit you at your preferred location, and will stay with you for the duration of your service to ensure successful completion.

What are the benefits of IV and nutritional therapy?

Our tailored therapies are enriched with essential fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, critical minerals, and antioxidants administered through an intravenous infusion. Intravenous infusions allow for a 100% absorption rate, ensuring complete and effective body replenishment. Refer to the description of each treatment for further details about how you can benefit from our services. 

How quickly will I feel the effects?

Most patients report feeling immediate relief once the infusion begins lasting up to 72 hours! With consistent IV therapy, patients see longer-lasting results.

How long does an IV therapy session usually take?

The total time varies depending on the patient and the treatment. Recovery and wellness therapies take 30-60 minutes, while NAD+ therapies take one to four hours.

How do I decide what IV service to get?

Our highly skilled medical staff will recommend the best IV treatment options, personalized and based on your current health concerns, symptoms, and goals.

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance for our IV Therapy services, but you may submit your receipt to your insurance for reimbursement. We provide our mobile IV services at a reasonable price, ensuring the highest quality and care.

How often can I get IV treatments?

Depending on your needs, our medical professionals will recommend how often you should get your IV treatments.

Do you charge extra for coming to us?

No, we do not. Our prices include travel for up to 20 miles from the nearest registered nurse available. If your location is further than that, please note that: 
* All reservations over 30 miles may incur a $75 travel fee.
* All reservations over 60 miles may incur a $125 travel fee.

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