Medication affordability is our #1 priority

The days for paying too much for your prescriptions are over. Enjoy all of the benefits of our HealthBox concierge pharmacy.


HealthBox concierge pharmacy provides many of the most commonly used medications for a fixed $15 fee per medication treatment course.

No insurance required

HealthBox is available to Premium Health members for no additional costs and does not require insurance.

Significant savings

Save up to 90% on medication and supplement costs.

Free delivery

No more wasting time at the pharmacy. Receive your medication at your home at no extra cost.

Express prescription processing

Receive your medications within one business day of visiting your doctor.

Automated refills

Our partner pharmacists work with our physicians to automatically refill your prescription as needed.

Easy access to pharmacists

Get all of your questions answered by licensed and helpful pharmacists.

Upgrade Your Pharmacy!

Save time and money with HealthBox

The time to worry about high prescription costs is over. Our members have access to the most commonly used medications at a fraction of the cost, only $15 per treatment course, no insurance required. HealthBox is also highly convenient, your doctor will simply send your prescription to our concierge pharmacy who will then deliver your medication within 24 hours, saving you a trip to the pharmacy.

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