Effective November 11, 2023, Premium Health has stopped providing COVID-19 testing services due to changes in regulations.
Please note that Premium Health is no longer affiliated with Premium Health OC Inc. For any questions related to COVID-19 services received from Premium Health OC Inc. prior to November 11, 2023, please contact (949) 408-1000.

Same Day RT-PCR, Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing in 1st LA

3484 E 1st St, Los Angeles, California, 90063, US

COVID-19 Testing in 1st LA

Same Day Test and Result

Free RT-PCR* < 16 hours turnaround

Free Rapid Antigen* < 15 minutes turnaround

*All insurances accepted

 Schedule Now  ✓ Walk-Ins Welcome

Accepts VISA/MasterCard/Amex

COVID-19 Testing (Insurance)

No Cost
Same Day RT-PCR & Rapid Antigen Combo*
Insurance Required
RT-PCR: < 16 hours result
Rapid Antigen: < 15 min result
No Cost
Same Day RT-PCR*
Insurance Required
Result in < 16 hours
*The test is covered by insurance  for individuals with a possibility of exposure or symptoms.

COVID-19 Testing (Self-Pay)

Same Day Travel RT-PCR
Result in < 16 hours
Rapid Antigen
Result in < 15 minutes

Hassle-free COVID-19 testing site in 1st LA

Hassle-free COVID-19 testing site in 1st LA

Located near the cross streets Chester Ave and 2nd St. The testing site is situated down the street from Albertsons. Patients must park their car and walk up to the testing site.

What our patients are saying

Phenomenal testing site in Bakersfield. Went there, was fast, the process took a few minutes to complete and I got my results within 16 hours as promised. Without these guys, I would have missed my trip to Korea because CVS took longer than the 2 days they supposedly promised. Also, it took 2 minutes to book over the phone. They offer free COVID tests for the insured and it shows up too high on the list when you do a quick Google search, but it’s all true. If you’re insured, you get a free test that’s travel ready
Abhii S

Super fast
No lines
So efficient
After I signed up the night before…they sent my QR Code for my appt to check in. Everything was smooth

Fast result as promised, I think I got it in less than 12 hours. It’s one of the few places that would put a QR code AND passport number to meet some international travel requirements, and they do it quickly! A little trouble to get to customer service but once I got a hold of someone, they were all very friendly and nice
Winnie T

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is RT-PCR better than Rapid Antigen?

The RT-PCR test is processed at a high-complexity laboratory and is generally much more accurate than the Antigen test. The RT-PCR test recognizes the virus DNA itself, whereas the Antigen test recognizes the protein made by the virus. As such, the RT-PCR test is able to recognize the virus at a much earlier stage after exposure, whereas the Rapid Antigen test detects the presence of the virus at a later stage.

For patients that don’t have any symptoms and were exposed, we generally recommend the RT-PCR test.


What type of tests can I get?

We provide the RT-PCR test, which is the most accurate test and is accepted by most travel destinations.

We also provide Rapid Antigen tests, which provide speedy results but are less accurate than the RT-PCR tests. 

Where can I get tested?

You can get tested at any of our locations. You can find a list of our locations at premiumhealth.us/locations

What makes Premium Health COVID-19 testing different?
  • Walkin and scheduled testing available. 
  • Automated secure electronic results sent directly for your convenience.
  • All testing done through CLIA-certified, high-complexity laboratory specialized in molecular diagnostics and infectious diseases.
  • Easy intake process. 
  • Covid screening by licensed medical professionals available.
How do I get my test result?

Test results are sent via email and/or text message automatically as soon as the results are out. Patients elect the method of notification during the intake process. 

People looking to get tested for COVID-19 with the PCR or Rapid Antigen test will find our testing site in Bakersfield CA, located in a part of Kern County, helpful in finding cost free COVID-19 tests near them.