Effective November 11, 2023, Premium Health has stopped providing COVID-19 testing services due to changes in regulations.
Please note that Premium Health is no longer affiliated with Premium Health OC Inc. For any questions related to COVID-19 services received from Premium Health OC Inc. prior to November 11, 2023, please contact (949) 408-1000.

    Up to 8 test/month
Free At Home COVID-19 Test Kit

Protect your family & your community


Up to 8 tests covered for each individual on your plan


Tests are delivered monthly until the Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends


No money out of pocket. Your private insurance plan or Medicare will be charged directly

Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Fill out the online form

With your Private Health Insurance or Medicare Part B Information for each covered member on your plan

Allow us to verify

Your Health Insurance or Medicare Part B coverage so you can receive your tests at no cost to you!

Receive test kits

for each covered individual on your plan FREE, (8) free tests per month through flu season

Results at home in minutes


Self-administered nasal swab

All patients with Medicare Plan B are eligible