How MyDr Plans Work

Five simple steps is all that remains between you and a more advanced personal care


Step 1

Pick Your Plan

  • Pick the MyDr plan that meets your healthcare needs.
  • Review the MyDr Plans and pick the plan that works for you:

    : Unlimited Telemedicine Visits
    MyDr|Direct+: Unlimited Clinic and Telemedicine Visits or 
    MyDr|Home: Unlimited Home, Clinic and Telemedicine Visits

  • For a comprehensive healthcare solution, sign up for your preferred healthshare plan.

Step 2

Prepare for your initial visit
  • Receive your welcome call and have all of your questions answered
  • Establish your patient portal and complete your health evaluation forms
  • Provide us with your existing medical documentation
  • Schedule your initial comprehensive visit
  • Complete your initial laboratory test, if needed

Step 3

Meet your care team
  • Attend your initial comprehensive visit and meet your care team
  • Complete your biometric evaluation and review your lab results
  • Review your current health issues and symptoms 
  • Discuss your health and lifestyle goals with your doctor
  • Develop your personal treatment, wellness and nutrition plan

Step 4

Receive your medications
  • Receive your personally tailored treatment regiment
  • Take advantage of our HealthBox program, and receive your discounted medications and supplements conveniently at your home
  • Get your medication-related questions answered by our partner concierge pharmacists

Step 5

Experience better healthcare
  • Schedule follow-up visits per your doctor’s recommendation or as needed
  • Avoid delays in receiving care by having direct access to your care team
  • Monitor and track your health progress on an ongoing basis
  • Optimize your nutrition and wellness plan in consultation with your doctor
  • Have confidence and reassurance of always receiving exceptional care

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