Please follow the instructions bellow prior to your COVID test appointment: 


1. Submit each patient’s information to the lab

a. Click on the following link and submit your test order to the lab. For instructions on creating lab orders scroll down to the bottom of this page please.

b. You should complete a separate lab order for each patient getting tested. 

c. Once submitted, you will receive a QR code for each patient.

d. Please take a screenshot of your QR code or otherwise have the QR code for each patient available to present to our nurse when she or he arrives at your home.

*for instructions on creating lab orders scroll down to the bottom of this page please. 

2. Submit Your Medical Intake Form

a. Each patient will receive an intake form through email before the appointment.

b. Please complete the form before you meet our nurse.

    Instructions for submitting a new COVID-19 lab test order:

    1. Click on the following link:

    2. Click the Get Started button.

    3. Enter your name and date of birth. Click Continue.

    4. Upload your photo ID.

    Confirm your name and date of birth. Select your gender.
    Upload a picture of your Photo ID by clicking the “Choose File” button. Click Next.

    5. Enter your home address. Click Next.

    6. Input your contact info.

    Choose the method in which you would like to receive your test results.
    Add your phone number and/or email address. Click Next.

    7. Insert your insurance information. 

    Add your insurance information as reflected on your insurance card.
    Upload a picture of the front and back of your insurance card by clicking the “Choose File” button. Click Next.
    If you do not have insurance, please select the “Uninsured (CARES Act)” option from the Insurance Company menu.

    8. Review the information. Click Submit.

    9. Take a picture of the QR code.

    Present the QR code of each patient to our nurse at your appointment.

    10. Repeat this process for each person taking the test.

    If you encounter any problems completing the lab order form or the medical intake form, please call our office (949) 408-1000.