Our Founding Story

Empowering you to live a healthier, happier life, and enjoying a more pleasant healthcare experience, is what drives Premium Health.


A Vision for Better Healthcare

We created Premium Health as a health solution to the many challenges we have experienced and witnessed under the current healthcare system. From hours of waiting in emergency rooms, and thousand dollars in medical costs, to receiving sub-par treatment from doctors that are rushed to move on to their next appointment, most patients today are not receiving the personalized care they need and deserve. In our view each person’s health is their most valued possession, and health institutions have a duty to provide individualized personal quality medical care to each and every patient. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to establish a medical clinic that aspires to go above and beyond for each patient, ensuring a pleasant experience and close doctor-patient relationship.

Ending the concern for costs

We were also disheartened by the fact that at a time when loved ones are dealing with health issues, many have to be worried about the potential cost impact of the care they need. We believe that people should not think about the financial cost, when deciding whether to see their doctor. It was on this basis that we created the MyDr program, an all-inclusive plan that does not charge co-pays, deductibles and require insurance. We also partnered with our concierge pharmacy to remediate the high cost of medications.

Upholding a Premium Standard

We sought to establish a health company that maintains three principles in each and every step of the primary care process: 1. High Quality, 2. Convenience, 3. Affordability, and we are proud that we are now able to stand behind these principles in offering our services to our community. By providing expedited appointments and 24/7 access to our members, we have been able to reduce the time and effort it takes to get quality medical care. Through our unrushed visits and comprehensive health coaches, we are able to understand each member’s health and make recommendations that protects that member’s health and well-being.